A Night Out

A Night Out

Joe and I went out on Saturday night to see Nada Surf. The last time I went to a concert was a year ago, and this was really our first “real night out” since Jude was born. We’ve had a few times where Joe’s family watched Jude so we could go eat dinner, but this was dinner and out to 2:00 am sorta night. At first, I was worried that there were too many factors to worry about that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself. But, I was wrong. We had such a good time and the concert was great. Joe’s poor aunts…they were still up when we rolled in at 2:00 because Jude wouldn’t stay asleep.

Here are some pictures of my first mommy night out. I think Joe and I have seen Nada Surf 5-6 times. I realized that they are getting older, and so are Joe and I. We were worried about being out too late that we didn’t stay for the encore, which is probably the first time that has ever happened. But, oh were we tired on Sunday morning!




5 thoughts on “A Night Out

  1. I think I’ve seen either them or your other fave group Superdrag in concert. It was with you and Joe and it was a grand ol’ time. Yes, Austin has the best live music in the land! Glad y’all had a time. ;o)

  2. Fun stuff! I remember seeing them at a bar, and I remember the lead singer, chatting w/Joey about how he dug his shoes or jacket. That was so cool he was like chilling with us as he worked the crowd. We have that effect on people!! Do you remember the Toadies, when you almost fainted b/c the mosh pit (hilarious) was getting so out of hand, and little Christy was being overpowered by the posers! Well that was a good time!!Interesting…funny when you reflect about the old concerts days, it makes you realize your youth seems like such a distant memory. CRAZY!!

  3. Oh my gosh your comments are so funny. You were both there at the Nada Surf concert at Emo’s. I remember we hanging out in the back patio and I was pretending to do my tejano dancing. I remember it was so dead inside, and the other bands sucked. But we had really good spots when Nada Surf came on.

    Sara- I think you may have gone with us to see Superdrag, too.

    Bellie- I forgot all about that Toadies concert. I was laughing and telling Joe how you and Sara were always so tough and throwing elbows to some rough punks back in the days.

  4. OMG, I totally went ballistic when some dude elbowed so hells to tha ya I elbowed him back…I think I scared ya with the brutality of it all…Never fear, I was just defending myself! LOL! ;o) That back patio “hang-out” was hella fun too. ;o)

  5. That’s so cool! That’s awesome you had fun! We are all getting older… damnit! :o) I’m going to call you later… you probably won’t read this until after I call you… :o) haha Love you.

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