It seems that even when I am not working, work finds a way to stress me out. (I guess I do it to myself, by reading work emails while I am on maternity leave). Actually, it’s the school that is stressing me out. As if my days weren’t busy and stressful enough with a dog that has thrown up every morning for the past three days and a baby that fusses every time we get ready to nurse because the milk is not fast enough and then is too fast. Then of course, I am worried about going back to work and leaving Jude. So, work makes a pretty good scapegoat for all my problems right now (if I could only figure out how to blame work for breastfeeing issues).

I told Joe that I am ready to retire. Believe me, if it were a possibility, I would.

5 thoughts on “Stress!

  1. I will definitely pray for you all, especially for LIAM. Sorry, he’s not doing better. Did you call his vet? I hope he gets well soon. I am ordering you to not check your e-mail. Believe me, it’ll all be there when you get back. Besides, don’t they know how to be productive and put out fires without you? Take a bubble bath, you’ll feel better. ;o)

  2. Can I get an A-men? I’ve already calculated that I can retire at 54 (but who’s counting). But believe me, I’d be home now if it was possible. I’m sorry things are tough right now. I hope they get better soon. I know how you feel about work. They called me in when I was on maternity leave with Allie and said I needed to come to school for an ARD and the office ladies would babysit. It’s like, “figure it out without me…” (of course I stressed out and went anyway)
    Anyways, hope everything settles down soon.
    love you guys

  3. Wed 12:30am

    Of course I wan’t and have wanted to strangle some of my co-workers but I don’t, especially when they disregard boundaries, one of my many peeves. In fact, I had my supervisor call me over my Summer vacay this year and I ended up calling in and then calling the parent to smooth things over,,.which really didn’t need to be smoothed over but alas my boss felt compelled to bother me when the last thing I wanted to think about was work-related crap.

    Do you think she said, “Thank you!” or, ” I appreciate it and you!” Hell to tha no! Whatever, some people just get hyper-stimulated and can’t problem-solve and can’t think or imagine that perhaps, as you just said in your updated post, you want to cherish and spend time with your new bundle of joy. Take it easy and now I’m ordering you to NOT go in, no matter how much you might be tempted to do so! LOL! ;o) he-he! Just kidding about the ordering but I can play hard ball if you want me too. he-he! ;o)

  4. hang in there. i had some rocky periods with the bf’ing also, so i know it can be overwhelming. hardest part for me was not taking it personally. i’m sure someone’s probably told this, but have you tried pumping for a couple minutes before nursing?

    hope liam gets to feeling better soon.

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