Professional Pictures

Professional Pictures

As some of you already know, when Jude was about 6 days old, we had Dawn Fry, of Dawn’s Little Moment’s Photography, come to the house and take newborn pictures of him. It was a really fun experience getting to see her set up all the equipment in the house. Although, it was incredibly hot since we turned off the air so the baby would be comfortable in his “nekkid” pictures. Of course, with all those postpartum hormones, I was sweating like crazy.

Jude must have loved being photographed because he decided to poop and pee (twice) on her props. But, ’tis the nature of babies, right? Dawn had a lot of great ideas for different shots, and also just took pictures of us talking to Jude. After a three hour photo session (well, you do have to feed a newborn at some point) I think we came out with a lot of winners.

Yesterday, I received the prints in the mail and they came in a beautiful purple photo box with a lovely note. We are so pleased at how they turned out. I can’t wait to frame them and hang them in the house. She also gave me some picture files on a cd, since I told her I wanted to post a few on the blog. It was a joy work with Dawn and we are so thankful that she came out to the house to do the session…if definitely made things easier on us. If anyone is interested, she wrote about the session on her photo blog and you can read about it from her perspective and also see more pictures.




7 thoughts on “Professional Pictures

  1. I just read your photog’s blog too. I liked the story about Liam “running the show,” which we all know is SO the truth when you own a dog. She’s right about Jude’s face, being “sweet.” Y’all are truly blessed.

    I’m so happy for you both and I miss you all terribly but I’m definitely looking forward to the holidays in order to see you all again!

  2. I just read that blog she did on her website. That is so sweet! Just great! I love the picture of the three of you on your blog… you can see Joe sneaking a finger onto Jude’s head. (Didn’t realize Joe was such a softy….) God has blessed you with a beautiful husband and now a beautiful baby! I love you all.

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