Rough Night

Rough Night

So, like the title suggests, we had a really rough night on Friday. But it was not with the child you think…this was a bad night for Liam.

It started Friday afternoon. Liam threw up in the house, which is pretty rare for him. We had given him people food, so we though something had upset his stomach. I had also noticed that Liam’s nose was swollen, so we figures something must have bitten him outside. Being the curious dachshund that he is, we weren’t surprised.

Well, Liam continued to throw up a few more times, but this time it was just clear fluid, since his stomach was empty. We left him in our bathroom with his bed & water since we were having family night at Joe’s aunt’s. When we came home we realized he threw up 4 more times. He was definitely acting more lethargic, but who wouldn’t be after all that throwing up? My sister suggested taking him to the vet in the morning if he hadn’t improved. But things took a turn for the worse at 11:30 pm.

Liam was on the bed with me and Jude when I noticed the tell tale signs that he was going to puke again. To my horror, Liam puke up blood. I screamed for Joe to come and he took Liam outside where Liam had bloody diarrhea. So, as I sobbed with the baby in arms, we loaded Liam in the crate in Joe’s car to take him to the emergency vet in Austin. Of course I’m at home googling all the symptoms and working myself up to crying fits.

Joe was there about an hour and a half. Liam had an allergic reaction to whatever bit him which caused the vomiting. But all the vomiting had dehydrated him, so they wanted to keep him overnight to administer fluids and observe him. So Joe came home dog-less and I had a restless night of sleep without my pup.

So, the emergency vet shares an office with a regular vet and the told us that we had to pick Liam up by 8:00 am, which we found strange. That Morning, after very little sleep, Joe went to pick him up. They said he was doing better but they wanted him to go to our vet to continue his iv for a few more hours. Well we didn’t realize that our vet isn’t open on Saturdays anymore until Joe got there. So Joe brought the dog home with his iv catheter still in. We had to take the dog back to the emergency vet after 1:00 to have the catheter removed since they were closed from 8-1.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, Liam is home with us and doing better, but he’s not feeling 100%. He’s still having an allergic reaction to whatever bit him. He’s broken out in hives and his eyes were swollen, so we had to give him benedryl…which was not fun, by the way. So we’ve been giving our pup lots of love and hope he returns to normal. We miss how spunky he normally is.

Liam is exhausted after a traumatic night in the ER.
Liam is exhausted after a traumatic night in the ER.

6 thoughts on “Rough Night

  1. Oh my gosh! I feel your pain, I am so sorry to hear that, I am glad that he is doing better. Meaggy had to have an IV in her bag in May/08. Believe me, it is very frightning when you feel so helpless and you can’t make your pup feel better. I wonder what bit him. I hope it wasn’t a spider. You might want to have Joey spray the yard. Bless his heart. Let us know what happens. I am sure Liam is just grateful to be home with the crew:)

  2. Poor puppy Liam! I’m SO glad he is doing better. I have 2 boxes of benadryl for Pablo and it works wonders. Liam is such a good dog, I’m so sad that he was feeling so bad and that you had a couple of rough nights with your canine boy. I’m really glad he is doing better. says pedialyte (sic) mixed with water will help him get his mojo back and up his electrolytes. ;o) I too am a dog lover and I love me some LIAM and am glad to know he is doing better. Let me know if y’all need anything. ;o) Love y’all!

  3. Update on Liam:

    He is slowly feeling better. He doesn’t have enough energy to play yet, but at least he is wagging his tail and cuddling with us in bed. He’s been eating the canned dog food the vet gave us and Joe gave him some white meat chicken yesterday. He’s shown interest in our food, so that is a good sign he is recouperating.

  4. Poor baby!! I have had some scary times with my Maya, but doxies seem to be pretty strong (I think it’s all that stubbornness… comes in handy sometimes). Maya sends some licks and snuggles his way… we hope he feels better soon!

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