Big Brother, Liam

Big Brother, Liam

So, people have been asking how Liam has adjusted to the baby. So far, he’s been doing the best that he can. We can tell that he is still trying to figure this all out, but he’s been a pretty good big brother. He mainly just wants to lick all over Jude. We let him have one kiss, and that’s it. He’s had some cute moments where he lays near the baby and looks like he is watching over him. The first day we brought Jude home, we let Liam “find him.” He was so excited and was wagging his tail and licking all over him. Sometimes in the morning, Liam will see Jude and just get excited, like he does when we come home from work. I should report that Liam loves the boppys. He thinks we did a good job of getting him two new dog bed/pillows.

The first night, when the baby was crying, it upset Liam. He was barking at us, as if to say, “The baby is crying!” Now, Liam gives us more time to respond to Jude before he starts bossing us. When I nurse Jude in the middle of the night, Liam pokes his head out of the covers and watches us a little bit before he falls asleep. He’s seems to be most protective when other people are holding the baby, particularly if the baby starts to cry.

Joe and I have been trying to give Liam his own special time with us. Sometimes we take him on a walk without the baby and or try to have some toy time with Liam and give him a chase around the house or wrestle on the bed. As the days go by, Liam has settled into his new role. The first few days, Liam was barely eating, but now we see that he’s eating normally again.  We love both our boys, and we are all learning how to be a family with new roles.

3 thoughts on “Big Brother, Liam

  1. Liam is so sweet. I am glad to hear/see that he is adjusting well to your new family member. Hope all of you are having fun with Jude!

  2. it’s wonderful having a dog be a baby’s big brother. In the house where I live there are four dogs. They’re not really protective of the baby though maybe because they’re not in te house they’re outside and so they don’t get to see the baby, except when I take him outside to get some air and watch the dogs play. Only one of the dogs licks him, I think he gets exited and wants to play. Since he is a baby, I play for him. As soon as this particular dog sees me outside with the baby he brings me his toy rope or his stuffed little dog. He wants me to throw it so he could retrieve it. I think this one will be fond of the baby, but the rest seem to care less. Anyway, wonderful blog 🙂

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