37 Weeks

37 Weeks

They say any day now. Any day now…that’s a little anxiety producing. (Apologies to my friend Erica, who is not a fan of the belly picture.)

37 weeks pregnant

3 thoughts on “37 Weeks

  1. YAY, you’re full term! I was looking for a Sunday night post and then thought maybe you didn’t make it through the weekend, but I see you are still keeping Jude very cozy! You’re in the home stretch Momma! 🙂

  2. Christy, you are amazing! :o) I don’t know how you balance, you are so little and all belly! Thank you so much for posting pictures for me to see. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see you last weekend and now I am the sick one. It helps that I’ve gotten to see pictures of you. I love you and we will make a special trip to Austin to see you and Joe and Lil’ Jude. Take care. Call with the special arrival details. Love you!

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