Daddy Bird

Daddy Bird

Did you know Daddy bird’s nest? They do at our house. Joe has been on a nesting kick the past week. Since I have been exhausted with work and pregnancy, he promised me that he would clean the house for the shower tomorrow. He certainly delivered. The house is spotless and I am doing my best to maintain it for one more day. In addition to cleaning, I have come home to find new pieces of furniture. Joe has been worried that the house “needs this or that.” So, we’ve got a new rug, a new bench, and a new armoire. I don’t think we can afford for him to indulge in any more “needs.”

On the dilation news front, I am now 3 cm dilated. I am not sure how much longer this can go on. The doctor estimated that the baby is somewhere between 6 and 7 pounds. This week I actually saw my own doctor; she said that she didn’t want to say that he will come early because it will jinx it and I will end up at 41 weeks. So, the outcome remains to be seen. But, I have noticed that my feet are swelling some. My inner ankles look a little mushy. Joe told me not to get cankles, but I told him I wasn’t really in control of that.

3 thoughts on “Daddy Bird

  1. Wow…that’s happening pretty quick. I’m booking a trip for Yankee Doodle weekend but le enfant may come sooner eh? Well, hope your soiree is grand! Later y’all. Pablo says hi to Liam…his cute German cousin with an Irish name. ;o)

  2. Whatever Joey, the house looks grand, I have an idea for the office so, I will keep you posted on that. The house looks really full and nicely furnished.
    Besides, people are going to be enthralled with Jude, and not noticing the house much anymore!

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