Memorial Day at Auditorium Shores

Memorial Day at Auditorium Shores

Joe and I wanted to go on a picnic with Liam for Memorial Day. The weather thought otherwise.  It rained just enough that the ground and benches were wet at Zilker Park. So, the picnic was sort of a bust, especially since the guy at Thundercloud got a little too liberal with the Thundersauce and soggied our picnic sandwiches.

So, after walking the big soccer fields at Zilker (where we saw three people playing with two dachshunds) we decided to take Liam to Auditorium Shores. We had taken him there before, but he has always had to stay on the leash. We’d had a few incidents at home where he has taken off after a bird or something else of interest, so had lost leash-free privileges. But, we’ve been testing him out at home and decided that we were ready to let him try it.

But first, we had toyed with the idea of getting Liam a baby pool for the backyard. Joe had tried playing with him in the waterhose and Liam didn’t seem to hot on that. When we were at Auditorium Shores, Liam jumped in a puddle. The clouds had parted and it was hot, so we thought we would give him a little nudge into Lady Bird Lake. If you have never been to this part of the hike/bike trail, there are some steps where dogs get in the water and swim. Mind you, these are usually labs and what not. But, Joe did get Liam to swim for a bit. We even have video proof.

Liam did fine off of his leash. He really enjoyed the freedom and was running at top speed. The experiment was over. He didn’t run into the street, so that is a plus. Here are some other pictures of the day.

Liam walking with Joe

Liam swimming


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day at Auditorium Shores

  1. It looks like he was sorta forced into the swimming thing.. :o) But I bet he felt better after the little swim… and I bet you felt better since you got wet down by your sweet little pup. You look so cute in the picture at 33 weeks!!! Can’t wait to see you! Love you!

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