Liam Lamp

Liam Lamp

dachshund lamp

So there are a million baby things out there to buy that are more than likely unnecessary. But, I did have one splurge item for the baby’s room…a dachshund lamp. I just couldn’t resist. He needs a lamp of his “big brother.” But, I did want to comment that I love Target. I can find almost everything I need in life at that one store. But, I ordered this lamp from and I have to say that $11 for shipping and handling is absolutely ridiculous. I guess it is a good thing I buy all my Target stuff at the store for instant gratification.


3 thoughts on “Liam Lamp

  1. I could’ve sworn you had one already…must’ve been a dream I had…

    Anyhoo, l’m sure it looks good. ;o)

  2. Oh, I was so excited in my last comment that I hadn’t made it this far. I so need to go to Target now! Thanks for posting about this cutie!

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