Lamaze: Part 2

Lamaze: Part 2

So tonight was our second Lamaze class. I am really starting to enjoy these mandatory massages. If only I could get Joe signed up for homework. We watched the actual birth video and I am starting to worry about Joe. It’s all pretty graphic for him and I don’t want him passing out or getting grossed out during the real thing. I am hoping the incentive of meeting the baby will keep him going. He just needs to toughen up (haha!!). We got to leave class a little early because they were taking a tour of the maternity ward and since we aren’t delivering at that hospital, we got to leave.

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant with I have made two important discoveries this past week: I now know when he has the hiccups and I also realized that I’ve had Braxton Hicks contractions, I just didn’t know that’s what they were.  I also have my first shower coming up at school in a few weeks.

I keep re-reading this post and it doesn’t sound very coherent. Forgive me. My brain is tired. I’m off to eat a cupcake and go to bed.

30 weeks pregnant

30 weeks pregnant

30 weeks belly pic

Showing some skin!


One thought on “Lamaze: Part 2

  1. I was really worried about Hal because he’s very squeamish also… but he did find. Hal really saw more than I did, because I had no desire to use the “birthing mirror.” Joe will be fine! Looking great Momma! 🙂

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