If you go to and enter in your top 10 movies, it will tell you your personality type/horoscope based on your selections. Below is what I got. I don’t know…but maybe I am more magical than I believe.

You are the Magical Creator
Full of energy and eccentricity, Magical Creators march to the beat of their own drum. They are generous, mysterious, and full of spontaneity; they’re always up for a random midnight trip to an exciting place. Strange things always seem to happen all around them, probably because of their impish urge to meddle. Magical Creators love movies about heroes who use their creativity to make the world a fun and inspiring place to live in.  


2 thoughts on “Cinescopes

  1. I am the Vivacious Romantic:

    These charming heroes have big hearts and enjoy playing the game of love. They have many friends and value their relationships.

    Erm, okay…it was fun to list all my Molly Ringwald movies. ;0) LOL!

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