B!tchy Mitchy

B!tchy Mitchy

Guys, I have been feeling like such a grump lately. Joe and I had a great weekend and spent time with friends. I even had a delicious Hey Cupcake cupcake injected with whipped cream on Saturday, but my sour mood keeps me from wanting to write about all the good things.

So, I’ll keep it reporting/complaining short and sweet.

  • Saw the OB today. I’ve got my diabetes screening in coming up and I will start going every two weeks.
  • I just want to rant that my eye doctors always manage to prescribe me the MOST expensive disposable contacts on the planet. $68 for 1 box is ridiculous…I don’t care what kind of technology I put in my eye.
  • I can’t find any maternity pants/capris that I like and can wear to work. I spent an hour at Target today and left with a pair of pants I didn’t even try on because I was too tired.
  • On a more positive note, I am so thankful for all the clothes that people have given me. It’s like having a fresh new wardrobe and is a nice reprieve from my old clothes that I have totally worn out.
  • I’ve been sweating like crazy at night. I wake up and the sheets are wet. It’s gross because there is nothing left to strip off clothes-wise. I’m practically naked already!
  • I’m 25 weeks pregnant. This is not the most flattering picture of me, but then again no one looks good when having their picture taken from below.

25 weeks pregnant

6 thoughts on “B!tchy Mitchy

  1. I love this picture! And you’re allowed to be moody… you’re preggers!

    I had my first Hey Cupcake about a month ago… Red Velvet… MMMM! If you sign up for their newsletter online, you can print a BOGO coupon.

    I hate to tell you, but the “night sweats” get a little worse after the baby’s born. I would wake up and have to strip down, dry off and put dry pj’s on. I know it’s gross, but hey, it’s a clean sweat right?

    You guys taking Liam to the wiener dog races in a couple weeks? We’re hoping to try and take Cameron out there one of the days. Looks fun. 🙂

  2. I totally think u look wonderful! U are beautiful! Liam is adorable. I can see he is bonding with the baby already. I love the Hey Cupcakes, Tom doesn’t think they are all that great, but what he know!

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