Daniel, My Brother

Daniel, My Brother

So, I’ve been feeling down lately because my little brother is moving to Oregon tomorrow. It will actually be a good move for him. He’ll finally get out of Waco and he’ll be closer to his daughter (since her mother moved her there). But, I am still kinda sad about it. I guess with the baby coming, I was thinking (selfishly) of how Daniel will miss his birth and how the holidays will be different. Both my siblings will be living far away, and I will be the only child still in Texas. My parents are sad, too. But, I know it will be a better situation. It’s been so hard for him to be separated from his daughter and that really wore on him emotionally.

Luckily, I got to spend Tuesday with him. I took the day off and we just hung out before going to the airport to get my niece. We talked about all the “Texas things” he won’t have in Oregon, and just about life. It’s so weird, since we are only a year and half a part, that our whole life has been spent together and we’ve never been more than 100 miles apart.

But, I was happy to see my niece. She’s an amazing little girl. She was cracking us up with her very developed vocabulary. Before they left, she gave me a salute and said “Good luck with your baby!” I told her to take care of her daddy for me.

Daniel and Haven

My brother and niece

Daniel, Haven, Liam

Liam insists on being in every picture


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