Crib Bedding

Crib Bedding

So, I must confess at the beginning of the pregnancy, and even before, I had been checking out crib bedding and thinking about what set I would want. I know, it’s weird, but it’s a real tangible thing to look at and think about. So, when I was in Seattle and I visited Land of Nod, which is Crate and Barrel’s baby store, that I knew if I was having a boy this would be the set that I wanted.

Crib bedding

I originally wanted something a little more modern, but I like the colors so much. I am not a big theme room person, so I thought this would give me a good palate to work with. I particularly liked the polka-dot sheets. I decided to not get the comforter (although it is adorable) since it’s a SIDS issue for a newborn and we probably won’t use it. I like that you can order just the pieces that you want. In even better news, Joe’s aunt Sara, has offered to buy the set as our baby gift, so yeah for aunts and gifts!!

In a slightly unrelated note, I had some fourth graders tell me something so sweet today. They are very interested in learning about the baby and when he will come. They told me today that they wanted to get me something for my baby.  I was like, “Kids don’t have money.” They replied that they wanted to ask their moms to buy my baby an outfit. It was really sweet…you have to understand that these kids have very little. I was touched by the gesture. I told them not to buy the baby anything; they could give him hugs or draw him pictures. So, when they left, they all asked if they could give the baby a hug and hugged my stomach.

3 thoughts on “Crib Bedding

  1. That has to be the sweetest story I’ve heard in a long time. I love the genuine goodwill of kids. Thx for the shout out…I needed that today. 😉

  2. So glad to hear that an expectant mom is making some informed decisions. Let me give you another solution – if you really like the quilt. You can purchase it and hang it on the wall or you can hang it on the back of your rocking chair. Then, when you’re up during the night nursing your son, you can put the comforter over both of you! When you baby goes into the big boy bed, you can give him his comforter. I gave my daughter hers at 18 months, at 11 years old she still loves it. Best of luck to you.

  3. Ah, very cute! You’re right about the comforter. Cameron’s is serving as a dust bunny collector on the back of the love seat. Love the colors!

    The kids’ story is cute. They are so loving, huh? I love watching Cameron experience the world with such curiosity and innocence. If we could only approach life the same way!

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