Spring Break: Recap

Spring Break: Recap

So, our Spring Break is coming to an end. This is our last day of break and then it’s back to work like everyone else. It was certainly nice to have a break, though. So, this is a recap of what adventures Joe and I got to have during this past week.

Saturday – Monday

We took Liam to Waco to see my family and to show them how big I have gotten. The weather was cold (then eventually rainy) the whole time we were there so I was thankful that we decided not to go camping during Spring Break. It was nice to see my parents and I got to spend some time with my brother, who will moving to Oregon at the end of the month. My mom was sweet enough to buy us the crib mattress, so now the baby’s bed doesn’t look so scary. Joe and I even drove to West, Texas in the rain on Monday morning because I have been craving kolaches from the Little Czech Bakery at the Czech Stop for a long time, and we are never in that area. I am happy to say that I satisfied my kolache craving for now.


We didn’t do much on Tuesday. But we did go to lunch with Aron, Sarah and Brian at the Clay Pit for their delicious Indian food lunch buffet. Joe and I love going to eat there, and the lunch buffet is reasonably priced. Before we found out if we were having a boy or a girl, we didn’t have any bets, but we said if it was a boy we would go out to eat Indian and if it was a girl we would eat Thai food. So, we ate at the Clay Pit to celebrate our little boy.

Also, a teacher from Joe’s school gave me some maternity clothes. So, now I have some nice shirts I can wear to work. I just need to find some pants.


This was our big trip to Brenham, Texas. Our friend Sarah made us a reservation to tour the Blue Bell factory. We all concluded in the end that the tour did not live up to our Willy Wonka-esque expectations, but the scoop of ice cream at the end was pretty awesome. Both Sarah and I had the new flavor, Centennial Cupcake, which was pretty tasty with little pieces of cake in it.

Joe milking a statue

The farmer inside Joe.

At the Blue Bell factory

Aron, Sarah, and Joe at the Blue Bell Factory waiting for our tour to start.

22 weeks pregnant

Here’s my 22 weeks pregnant picture (plus a few days).

Ice cream

Pregnant lady’s dream come true!

After Blue Bell, we went and had lunch at Must Be Heaven, which is a sandwich shop downtown. After browsing some of the shops, we headed down the road to the miniature horse farm at the Monastery of St. Clare. Nuns raise and sell miniature horses, which were absolutely adorable. Apparently I wasn’t the only pregnant one there; many of the horses and one dog were expecting.

Joe petting a pony

Joe giving some of the pregger ponies a pet.

Christy and the ponies

We were exchanging some pregnancy advice.

Pregnant dog

The pregnant dog looked really exhausted.

Aron wants a kiss

Aron trying to get the pony to give him a kiss.

A new foal

One of the new babies.


My friend, Jessica, invited to go to with her and her neighbor to the Mommy and Me Consignment Sale at the Palmer Events Center. She actually had a pass for the Pre-Sale, so we got to do some shopping before they opened the doors to the public. I got the baby two onesies, a sleep outfit and a book. I also managed to get me a pair of khaki maternity pants and shorts. Total price: $18. I was pretty proud of myself. Plus, Jess was kind enough to lend me her maternity jeans, so now I actually have pants I fit into.


Clean the house day. We’re talking dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping. Joe said I was nesting because I started to clear out the closet in the nursery, which required me to reorganize three other closets in order to make room for all the things that were once stored in the baby’s closet. My friend Courtney had some toys and maternity clothes to pass down, so I made room for those, as well. It’s starting to feel real…I mean, that there will be a baby soon.

I just realized how incredibly long this post is and how this can be of interest to no one. But, to wrap it all up, we’ve enjoyed our time off with friends and family.

One thought on “Spring Break: Recap

  1. It sounds like the Mitchys had fun…always a good thing. Anyhoo, I’m procrastinating writing a report on Cerebellar Cognitive Affective Syndrome…blah-blah-blah-blah.

    As far as my weekend goes, I went to Palm Sunday Mass this past week at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Seattle. Apparently it’s the oldest Catholic Church in town. Very urban, but the choir rocked it, which brought me back to my singin’ days in Waco. Amen!

    Oh, I bought you a little cute but Gnomeriffic trinket I will be sending soon. It’s amazing what grabs your attention when one is out and about. ;o) Joe, you and Baby Boy J also have gifts coming. Well, that Blue Bell must’ve been fun…I think we went back in the day as a field trip with MH…can’t remember though, maybe I just dreamt it. LOL! Well, my Spring Break is the 2nd week of April…can’t hardly wait! Later and much love. Pray for Callie. Poor girl has been under the weather. Dogs rule! Say “hi!” to Liam. What a GOOD dog! Love Tia S

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