Baby Stuff

Baby Stuff

I bought my first official Austin/hippy baby item on Tuesday…a baby pouch. Actually, it’s not too hippy and I’ve been really excited about getting one since I found out I was pregnant. I had some time between work meetings and my doctors appointment, so I went to Austin Baby to check it out since I knew they sold pouches. The ladies there were so nice and let me try on the different pouches, with their 8 pound baby doll so I could get a “real feel.”

I was concerned that I may not have picked the right size and because my body shape is different right now due to the pregnancy. They assured me, that even though it would be past the 60 day return policy, as long as the pouch was in a returnable condition (no spit up, pet hair, stains, etc.) , that I could exchange the sizes. I think it was the owner that helped me, and she was super nice. Someone had come to the store to make a “business call” and she asked that lady to wait. She then helped me for the next 10 minutes and told me to walk around the store some with the pouches on to see how it felt. I wouldn’t have minded if she talked to her and came back to help me later, but I thought that was really nice that she wanted to finish helping me before she talked business with someone else.

So, I ended up getting a 360 Bebe pouch style sling. It’s super cute and reversible.

 360 Bebe Sling     Pouch

This is what it looks like on. The second picture is of the fabric I picked.

Also, in other baby stuff news. People have been giving us baby gifts…Joe’s family and teachers that work with Joe. It’s been a nice surprise,and of course, we appreciate anything. So, here are some cute things we’ve gotten lately.

Baby clothes1

Baby clothes 2

Baby clothes 3

Baby clothes 4


2 thoughts on “Baby Stuff

  1. Awwww, how cute! I love all that baby stuff! This is so exciting I know!
    And girl, I love my sling, I think you will like yours too! Its a great way to carry that baby around!
    Hang in there!

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