Longhorns and Kites

Longhorns and Kites

I’ve had a really busy weekend, but a fun one. On Saturday, I took some students from school to Explore UT at the University of Texas. The weather was great and there were a lot of fun activities for the kids to do. I really enjoyed talking to the kids about college and getting to walk the campus like old times. It made me feel a little nostalgic.

We had lunch in the Jester cafeteria which was a total flashback, although they only have the cafeteria on the 2nd floor now and I always ate at the one on the 1st floor. The dorm was so different and yet the same. They have changed a lot of the common areas and the actually have a little kitchen if you need to use a stove. The kids really wanted to see the rooms (don’t worry: still the same!), so we took a tour with a group of parents and prospective students. The parents had such funny questions; they were really concerned about the community bathroom thing and the fact that the elevators sometimes break (which they did commonly, during my time).

Saturday night, Joe and I went to buy the baby his first outfit since we found out he was a boy. We couldn’t resist buying these little sleep outfits with a pirate teddy bear. It was adorable.  We saw a lot of cute stuff at Target.

Today, Joe and I took Liam to the Zilker Park Kite Festival. The weather was great and Liam was very well behaved. Sometimes he gets a little overwhelmed when he is around a lot of people and dogs. But, the only difficulty he had was that he pulled as far on the leash as he could go. Lots of kids asked if they could pet him and Liam was a good sport. The only downside was that Joe and I had to wait in a terribly long line for a Kebabilicious wrap (we were so hungry by the time we got the food). So, here are pictures of us enjoying the afternoon and a picture of me being 21 weeks pregnant (since I take my picture every Sunday).

Joe at the Kite Festival

Joe at the Kite Festival.

21 weeks pregnant

21 weeks pregnant. Baby’s first Austin festival! : )

Joe eating a funnel cake

Joe eating a funnel cake. Look who is taking advantage that we aren’t paying attention.

Liam eats funnel cake

“Please can I have some more!” — Liam

 Liam with sugar on his face

Liam after the wind blew powdered sugar on all of us.

Liam says yum!

Liam says that was yummy. Apparently you have have to eat funnel cakes if you want to be a Mitchell.


3 thoughts on “Longhorns and Kites

  1. We went to the kite festival too. My little brother and nephew came up from SA. We got out there around 12:30-ish. We parked and took the shuttle, so it turned into kind of an ordeal when we were ready to go. But, I’m upset b/c we missed the funnel cakes! We had some good corn dogs though! 😛

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