Give the People What They Want

Give the People What They Want

Our blog has reached a milestone. We’ve broken the record for our highest number of visits these past few days. Apparently people scouring the net for pictures of pregnant bellies have ended up at our page due to my latest batch of pictures. So, here I am appealing to the masses…more pictures of me and my fabulous belly at 19 weeks.

19 weeks pregnant

I look so serious, but the truth is this was just trying to keep from blinking, which I did for the first three pictures that Joe took.

I am really excited about next week and I am just counting down the days until we find out the gender of our little pickle. We’ve had a pretty productive weekend with chores and what not, but we’ve also had time to see Dolphins and Whales 3D at the IMAX with our friends and pick up a sweet treat at Mozart’s later that night. For the most part, I am feeling great. Plus, my new shape is garnering a lot of attention amongst children and adults at work. I’ve had some funny conversations over the past week.

So, I’ll keep it short. That’s all that has been going on. I should implore Joe to write more. All my posts of late have been related to this major life change. But, then again, it seems that I’m writing all the popular stuff on the blog. ; )





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