Bella Band

Bella Band

I had to break down an buy a Bella Band. Joe went with me to the mall today to buy it from the a store called BabyStyle. I’ve never gone in that store before. They had really cute clothes for moms and babies, but it was a little posh for us. ($42 baby cardigan, anyone?) But, I got just what I was looking for.

If you are not familiar with this handy little product, it’s like a stretchy tube top so that you can wear your regular pants and jeans unbuttoned so you get a little more wear out of them before you buy maternity pants. Once you have maternity pants, you can use the Bella Band to help keep them snug. It also helps you wear your regular shirts that may not have the “square footage” to cover the growing belly, because it just looks like you have layered a tank top underneath.

I came home and tried it out with my pants and I am pretty satisfied. I think it will help me stretch the wardrobe for a few more weeks. Because, truth be told, this was probably the last week I was going to fit in any of my pants. The signs of the imminent shift were clear. I had put some serious strain on the closures of my dress pants.


2 thoughts on “Bella Band

  1. I wore one of these a almost everyday toward the end of the pregnancy, mostly for the extra support. And it also does a nice job of hiding your belly button once it POPS out!! 🙂

  2. I walked by a store that sells ’em and all I could talk about is how I’m gonna be an aunt again. I think my friend was like enough already but I was like, whatever! I had a blast talking about it! ;o)

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