Baby Update

Baby Update

So, things are going well at the Mitchell household. Joe and I just celebrated our 4th year of marriage (although Joe sometimes jokes it’s more like out 12th year of marriage, since that is how long we’ve been together and known one another). Since I was in Seattle during our anniversary (Jan. 31st) we went out to dinner this weekend at Thai Tera. Then we had gelato at Whole Foods which was super tasty.

That baby is continuing to grow. We’ve only got 3 more weeks until we find out the sex of the baby. I think I may have felt the first movements (they tend to come sometime between 16 -22 weeks, although it is harder for first time moms to detect). At night, I lie in bed very still and poke my belly. I’ve felt some little bubbles in different spots. It feels like my stomach is going to growl, but there is never a growl and it’s never in the middle stomach area. But, I’m still not convinced because I could be making this all up in my head. The kids at school have started to ask me about having a baby, which is a little weird, but they are always excited and they want to touch. I have my appointment tomorrow, so I am looking forward to hearing the heartbeat.

16 weeks pregnant   17 weeks

16 & 17 weeks pregnant

Finally, I have to say I was so happy to come home to Joe and Liam. Joe brought Liam with him to the airport to pick me up and I was excited to get kisses from both of them. Joe said that while I was away Liam would wait for me by the laundry room door since I park in the garage and come in through that door. Joe had to tell Liam that I wasn’t coming home every night. It’s nice to be loved.

My boys

My two favorite boys!

4 thoughts on “Baby Update

  1. Ahhh… love the new belly pics. Cute top too! I bet the “flutters” were Baby Mitchell … it kind of feels like gas. And Happy Anniversary!

    Can’t wait for your guys to find out the sex…. so exciting! 🙂

  2. u look fabulous!! I love your top, the long sleeve one. I mean u are the pregnant woman everyone wants to look like. If we could all be so lucky!(wait a minute, I am not preggers!-HA)
    Let me know what I will be spoiling my grand-nephew-neice (? is that what they will be.) I so want it to be a girl so I can “JUICYFY” HER!!

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