Three Day Weekend

Three Day Weekend

Bless Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! Not only has he made tremendous strides for the civil rights movement in our country, but he also gets me a three day weekend in his honor (and the first holiday after Winter Break). So, here’s an update about our life as of late, which is a little bit about our weekend and some of what has happened this week.

  • Joe was in New Orleans from Friday – Sunday. As I was not a part of that trip, I will not be writing about that. It will be up to Joe to post his own dang blog.
  • I was however, in Houston for the weekend with my friend, Cherry, who is very pregnant. I went for her shower and to hand out with her before she becomes a mom. We had a good time, but sadly pregnant ladies don’t party hard. We were in bed by 10:30 both nights.
  • I took Liam to Houston with me. He was actually very good for the drive. But, him and Cherry’s boxer only wanted to play rough all weekend and annoyed us to no end. Apparently dachshunds are no match for the strength of a 50 lb. boxer who pins him down. So, he chose to bite her instead.
  • Next time I head that way, I am stopping to buy kolaches in Chappell Hill and if it is summer, I am taking a tour at Blue Bell. (I better not get a kolache craving in my head because I don’t live near any!)
  • Well, the endocrinologist said that I do not have hyperthyroidism and my symptoms were due to pregnancy.
  • I’ve gained 3 pounds since my last visit to the endocrinologist (12 days ago), which is good because the baby is growing. It’s weird to want to gain weight.
  • The baby must be going through a major growth spurt because I am hungrier now than I have EVER been! I mean, constantly hungry. I eat two breakfasts, lunch, after school snack, getting home snack, dinner, after dinner snack, one last snack before I brush my teeth…

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