In 2008…

In 2008…

As each new year comes around, I never set resolutions. They don’t do me any good. Although, to be honest, there is usually one thing that I say I will try to do every year, which is use less paper towels when I am washing my hands in a public restroom. I know…I know…my contributions to reducing global warming are amazing, but it is a goal of mine to only use one paper towel vs. three.

So here is a list of things that I am looking forward to in 2008. Some of them are goals or things that I will attempt to make happen, and the other things are things I know that are coming this year. So here they are in no particular order:

  • The return of Lost. I don’t know how it will be affected by the writer’s strike, but I am ready for a new season. I love that show.
  • Giving birth to Baby Mitchy.
  • Reading more fiction books for joy.
  • Taking Liam for obedience lessons.
  • Voting in the 2008 presidential election. I love when Joe gets on his political soapbox. It’s cute.
  • Going to Seattle for work at the end of the month.
  • Entering Liam in the wiener dog races in Buda.
  • Doing something nice for my parents’ 50th & 60th birthdays this year.
  • Cutting my hair short.
  • Buying curtains for my house.
  • Writing in my journals for the baby.
  • Using my iPhone for calendaring and appointments.

4 thoughts on “In 2008…

  1. Look at the handsome doggie! Liiiiiiiam, it’s Tia Saaaara! LOL! He’s so cute. I love dogs! Happy Birthday Liam and Wheat. ;o)

  2. i always shake my hands with vigor after a good public restroom handwashing to ensure the use of only one paper towel. you are making a difference! and i am looking forward to you coming to seattle for work too :+)

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