Sweets & Sacrifice

Sweets & Sacrifice

Grocery isle

Part 1: Sweets (actually food in general)

I find myself dreaming about food almost every night. These aren’t dreams that I am having dinner with someone or that I am making dinner. I am talking about dreams where there are mass quantities of food available and I am hungry for it all. The other night, I was eating all the samples at the grocery store, and going back multiple times to have more. These weren’t the plain old deli slice samples either; they were things like cakes and tarts and fruit. So, I wake up very hungry for food I never had the satisfaction of eating.

Part 2: Sacrifice

They say when you have children, you will have to make sacrifices as a parent. Joe and I offered up our first victim: our sanity. Joe’s aunt gave us a crib and a dresser, and last night I decided that I wanted to put the crib together and see what it would look like. Now I should mention that while we had all the parts, we did not have any instructions. We were working off of our own pure genius.

So, you can imagine for 2 hours were completely crazy. It was like a scene from a cheese-y comedy about the new parents who do all the wrong things. We screwed together so many parts on the wrong side or upside down. But, we figured it out and we have the crib up. No more messing with that thing until the baby grows out of it (I’m thinking sometime between 14-17 years old).

For those of you who are concerned, the crib is about 9 years old, but I have checked all the safety standards to make sure we are not putting the baby in a deathtrap. I’ve checked all the screws, pieces, rods, and measured the distance between the slats personally.

Three Day Weekend

Three Day Weekend

Bless Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! Not only has he made tremendous strides for the civil rights movement in our country, but he also gets me a three day weekend in his honor (and the first holiday after Winter Break). So, here’s an update about our life as of late, which is a little bit about our weekend and some of what has happened this week.

  • Joe was in New Orleans from Friday – Sunday. As I was not a part of that trip, I will not be writing about that. It will be up to Joe to post his own dang blog.
  • I was however, in Houston for the weekend with my friend, Cherry, who is very pregnant. I went for her shower and to hand out with her before she becomes a mom. We had a good time, but sadly pregnant ladies don’t party hard. We were in bed by 10:30 both nights.
  • I took Liam to Houston with me. He was actually very good for the drive. But, him and Cherry’s boxer only wanted to play rough all weekend and annoyed us to no end. Apparently dachshunds are no match for the strength of a 50 lb. boxer who pins him down. So, he chose to bite her instead.
  • Next time I head that way, I am stopping to buy kolaches in Chappell Hill and if it is summer, I am taking a tour at Blue Bell. (I better not get a kolache craving in my head because I don’t live near any!)
  • Well, the endocrinologist said that I do not have hyperthyroidism and my symptoms were due to pregnancy.
  • I’ve gained 3 pounds since my last visit to the endocrinologist (12 days ago), which is good because the baby is growing. It’s weird to want to gain weight.
  • The baby must be going through a major growth spurt because I am hungrier now than I have EVER been! I mean, constantly hungry. I eat two breakfasts, lunch, after school snack, getting home snack, dinner, after dinner snack, one last snack before I brush my teeth…
Old Wives’ Tales — Updated 1.18.08

Old Wives’ Tales — Updated 1.18.08

14 weeks pregnant Here I am at 14 weeks. The baby has really popped and people at work have certainly noticed that something is different about me. So, I thought it would be funny to see what all the old wive’s tales say the gender of Baby Mitchy will be. We have about 6 more weeks before we find out if it is a boy mitchy or girl mitchy.

My Chinese Lunar Calendar says: BOY

No skin break outs: BOY

Craving citrus (especially Jamba Juice smoothies): GIRL

Dry hands: BOY

Sweet cravings: GIRL

Husband hasn’t gained weight: BOY 

Ring test: Inconclusive…the ring just hung there.

Heart rate 150 bpm: GIRL

Feeling good, no severe morning sickness: BOY

Staying out of the kitchen (didn’t cook for 6 weeks): GIRL

So far… basketball belly: BOY

Age + number for the month you conceived and the sum is an odd number: GIRL (this one seemed crazy, but aren’t most of these)

Comments from others:

My 6 year old niece, Haven, thinks that is a girl and that I should name her “Rainbow”

The head custodian at school said it was a boy,  just from looking at me

If you have any that you know of that I should add, just post what means what and I will assess my body and add it to the list.





Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey

As a child, my sister had a moniker for me that included the word “monkey,” that I am still too scarred by to share. Well, today she could have added “grease monkey” to the list of nicknames. Recently, one of my headlights on my car went out. Joe and I went by AutoZone to pick up the correct bulb replacement. That was the easy part.

The hard part came when it was time to switch it out with the old one. I’ve replaced my tail lights before and that took less than a minute. Headlights are trickier because you have to go in the hood. Once I got the old bulb out, the problem was I didn’t exactly remember what I did to loosen all the other parts. Twenty minutes into the procedure, I finally had to take apart the other side of headlights in order to see how it was supposed to look.

I am proud to say that I fixed it all myself. I must have looked crazy to the neighbors, with my pink kitchen gloves on (the bulbs are pressurized so you don’t want your finger oils on the glass part of the tube) leaning in the hood of my car for half an hour. I was very dirty in the end…but very proud of myself.

Oh, if you want to know why I was doing it and not Joe, then you don’t know either one of us well. I’m the more logical of the two of us and once I get started on something, I get obsessed until I finish. But, to Joe’s credit, he did offer to do it for me.

Just an Update

Just an Update

So, this really seems to be the story of my life. If you’ve read earlier posts, you know that they thought I had glaucoma (don’t worry…I don’t!). Well, now they are worried that I have hyperthyroidism. So, today I had to visit a endocrinologist, who told me right off the bat, “I don’t think you have it. Your symptoms are more likely due to pregnancy.” But, she checked me out anyhow, which also included giving three vials of blood.

I general, I don’t go to the doctor’s office unless I really have to. It seems like, with pregnancy, that’s all I do is go to the doctor’s office. Then, they recommend that I see other doctors. I have dr’s office anxiety which now means I have to keep a blood pressure journal to prove that I don’t have high blood pressure, but anxiety about being evaluated by doctors.

Oh well, it’s not just about my health anymore, but also the baby’s, so I am less resistant about doing all this. But, I’ll keep you posted if I develop a real condition, otherwise it’s just another hunch that won’t turn out to be anything.

In 2008…

In 2008…

As each new year comes around, I never set resolutions. They don’t do me any good. Although, to be honest, there is usually one thing that I say I will try to do every year, which is use less paper towels when I am washing my hands in a public restroom. I know…I know…my contributions to reducing global warming are amazing, but it is a goal of mine to only use one paper towel vs. three.

So here is a list of things that I am looking forward to in 2008. Some of them are goals or things that I will attempt to make happen, and the other things are things I know that are coming this year. So here they are in no particular order:

  • The return of Lost. I don’t know how it will be affected by the writer’s strike, but I am ready for a new season. I love that show.
  • Giving birth to Baby Mitchy.
  • Reading more fiction books for joy.
  • Taking Liam for obedience lessons.
  • Voting in the 2008 presidential election. I love when Joe gets on his political soapbox. It’s cute.
  • Going to Seattle for work at the end of the month.
  • Entering Liam in the wiener dog races in Buda.
  • Doing something nice for my parents’ 50th & 60th birthdays this year.
  • Cutting my hair short.
  • Buying curtains for my house.
  • Writing in my journals for the baby.
  • Using my iPhone for calendaring and appointments.
Happy Barkday & Birthday!

Happy Barkday & Birthday!

Yesterday was Liam’s 2nd birthday. Joe’s little cousins have been wanting to come over to the house to play, so we picked them up in the morning to help us with Liam’s “birthday party.” We went to Groovy Dog Bakery to pick out some treats and a birthday cake.

We came back to the house and played Wii (that was Joe’s suggestion, not Liam’s) and Liam got to eat half of his birthday cake, after we decided that the whole thing would be too much. The boys also got Liam new toys, which he was really excited about and has already torn to shreds. Overall, it was a good day, and I hope Liam enjoyed his last birthday as the “only child.”

Today, also happens to be Joe’s aunt’s birthday. It’s a pretty milestone one and we hope that today is full of happiness and joy for her. She deserves it.

Cake      Liam and his cake

New toy