Fantasy Gifts

Fantasy Gifts

Money is no object for us (play along here). So, we purchased our friends and family some amazing gifts that you wouldn’t think to buy for yourselves. Click on your name to open your gift from The Mitchells:

Brian’s giftBrian

Matt’s presentMatt

Courtney’s presentCourtney

Steve’s presentSteve

Bellie’s presentBelinda

Meggy’s presentMegan

Tom’s presentThomas

Sara’s presentSara

Erica’s presentErica, Jerry & Jackson

Roger’s presentRoger

Savilles’ presentJessica, Hal, & Cameron

Rachel’s presentRachel & Mackey

Leah’s presentLeah

Aron’s presentAron

Sarah’s presentSarah

Loretta’s presentLoretta

Daniel’s presentDaniel

If we have forgotten someone, or you don’t like your gift, please feel free to exchange it for this gift of a pre-paid charter of your own private jet to a destination of your choosing. I do have to say, I would have “bought” more gifts for our family, but a) they don’t read the blog and b) it got to be really exhausting searching for millionaire gifts.


6 thoughts on “Fantasy Gifts

  1. oooo i love my 50,000 dollar space age tent. it is uber groovy. you guys are the best. merry christmas millionaire style! loves…

  2. I think the “bot” would fit along great as a member of the Saville Crew! Thanks for thinking of us. And next time we’re ready to add to the family, we’ll touch base with you! Hehehe…

  3. wow, our very own backyard water park!! that’s awesome! we’re going to have a blast. although, i’d really like to see how they fit that in our backyard. we’ll be sure to have you guys over though for a fun-filled day of water activities! thanks so much! 😉

  4. Well, that is pretty awesome. Too bad i dont drink beer. I only drink liquor but im sure i could program it to mix me some drinks. I figured my millionaire gift would be a mail order bride, lol. But there’s always next year! Thanks guys and i cant wait to hang out with yall soon =)

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