Pizza – Off

Pizza – Off

What do you do on a Saturday night, when there is nothing to do and all you have is pizza ingredients an oven & wine? You have a pizza cook off. My buddies Aron, Brian and myself got together last Saturday and each made our signature pizza. The 3 judges were Sarah, Christy  & Miles. Who won you ask? No one,. The judges sucked and would not vote. Feelings ya know. Anyway, I am almost certain mine would have won. Miles told Aron mine was the best, and Brians sucked. Anyways, wine was consumed and pizza was enjoyed. Which one do you think looks the best?

Brian’s Pizza - Artichoke, Spinach, Olive & Mushroom

 Brian’s Pizza – Artichoke, Olives, Spinach & Mushroom

 Aron’s Pizza

Aron’s Pizza – Pepperoni & Cheese & Homemade crust


 Joe’s Pizza – BBQ Chicken

6 thoughts on “Pizza – Off

  1. I dont know, Aron’s looks bomb to me with that crust. But, i have had joe’s famous BBQ chicken pizza and i can attest to its wounderful flavoration. I expect one when im in town.

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