Liam’s Life

Liam’s Life

So, we haven’t had a proper post about Liam in a while. Joe and I went to the new PetSmart on Brodie today because we have been waiting for information about Doggie Day Camp (the last time we were there, it wasn’t open yet). Well, turns out today was our lucky day. It was the grand opening of the new PetsHotel and if you took a tour you got a free voucher for either boarding or doggie day camp.

So, heck yes, we took that tour. I know some people have heard me mention this PetsHotel before. It’s all indoor boarding, and if you get your dog a “suite” which is a private room, they get their own tv to watch pet related programming like, Air Bud or Animal Planet. If your dog stays there, you can call your pet on the phone to talk to them while you are away. And, of course, for an additional fee, you can get your dog a kong treat or dog friendly, lactose free soft serve. Most of this stuff sounds silly, but I get the sense that they want people to know that they are really going to take care of the animals and they value how important peoples’ pets are to them. I admit, I would get Liam the soft serve because he loves it and I may be stupid enough to call him (but I draw the line at the tv!).

So, after the tour we got our voucher. We’re really excited to give Liam a try at Doggie Day Camp and now we have two free days because we already had a coupon from our Entertainment Pass Book. We’ve been talking about taking him every now and then so he can get out of the house and play with other dogs while we are at work.

So, PetSmart also gave us free toys for Liam after the tour, and while we were at the store, we got him a Longhorn tag for his collar with our address and phone number on it. So, Liam made out like a bandit today. Here are some silly pictures of our little guy and a video of him enjoying his free PetSmart toys (which by the time you see this, he will have probably destroyed already).

Liam in a diaper

Laim wearing a diaper.

Liam in a diaper again

“That’s not funny!” — Liam

UT Longhorns Dog Tag      Liam’s tag     Longhorns are for the Dogs

Liam’s new longhorn dog tag.

Liam loves new toys!


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