Kashi Snack Drive

Kashi Snack Drive

Have you seen these commercials where Kashi wants you to “trade in your bad snacks” for a healthy Kashi snack? Well, you can go to the website and make a virtual pledge and they will send you a free sample of one of their new snack foods. I love free stuff and I love getting free stuff in the mail (deodorant…check! swiffer duster….check! lotion…check! bring it on!). I myself signed up for the oatmeal cookie. Honestly, Kashi is hit or miss for me. I like their granola bars, but I would rather eat rocks and milk than their Go Lean! cereal.

So, have a healthy snack on Kashi. You might like it.



3 thoughts on “Kashi Snack Drive

  1. Kashi has good bars…their cereal’s a’ight. I still think it’s better than Grape Nuts, now that IS rocks and milk. LOL! Tia S.

  2. I was in my Psychophysiology class and we started talking about brains in the animal kingdom, specifically dogs. Your doggie’s breed was up there with the humans. In other words, your little Liam is a smart cookie. He should be rewarded with TV, bones, etc. ;o) I think our new PETCO or PETSMART is going to have the same deal, at least I hope so…take care y’all. Brothers and Sisters comes on tonight…gotta go! Yay!

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