In “My Documents”: Part 2

In “My Documents”: Part 2


Look at us! March 2000, near Buckinham Palace, London England. I always feel like I have looked the same my whole life. People at work think always I am just “fresh out of college” and not the “seasoned chicken” that I am. But when I look at this, I really think I look young….both of us. Heck, these are the pre-marital days. I was only 19 years old.


One thought on “In “My Documents”: Part 2

  1. Ah, young and in-love…loves it! ;o)

    Hope all is well. Here’s a random thought…I think I’m buying the I-Phone, especially now that it’s marked down. By-the-by, I love this site…keeps me up-to-date of the comings and goings of the Mitchys. He-he.

    Love y’all,

    Tia S ;o)

    P.S. My mouse is acting up so disregard the same comment on an earlier post…it was meant for today’s only…meh! LOL!

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