One night, the three of us (man, wife, & dog) all take a late walk around the block. We pass by the new house with the new neighbor who exclaims “Oh my gosh, he looks just like Max!” The neighbor, who hadn’t completely moved in, told us that Liam looked just like her dog Max, right down to the little white dapple patch on his chest. Although, she said that Max was probably chunkier.

So, that was months ago. The whole family didn’t move in until much more recently, but Liam and Max had yet to meet. We would see Max’s dad taking him for walks, but Liam was always inside. Then it happened; Liam met Max on the street during a walk. He approached his doppelgänger very tentatively. Actually, both dogs seemed to be disoriented by entering Bizarro World. Liam usually runs towards new dogs, even is he is upset. But both dogs would only take one step and then would pause. Eventually they bridged the distance between themselves and took to the doggie ways of smelling.

Liam is slimmer and taller than Max, but they look pretty similar. They met again today, and it was the same business. Slow steps, cautious eye-ing, lots of smelling. I think Liam preferred being the dachshund of the neighborhood. Perhaps he feels usurped that another look-alike lives right next door. But all is well, I can hear them both barking in that distinct dachshund voice when they both happen to be in their respective backyards. Perhaps they are planning how to take over the chihuahua and the springer spaniel.

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