IKEA Ideas

IKEA Ideas

Joe and I went to IKEA a few weeks ago to pick up some things for the house or just to get some inspiration. It was fun because it’s pretty cost effective and you get to leave with a lot for little. We got a couple of different things, but a lot of them have just been sitting here, since things have be going sluggish due to returning to work.

So here are are some of the things we got, what we plan to do with them, and if we have actually done it.

  • PICTURED – Energy efficient light bulbs and two bathroom shelves (one has been put together, none have been put up, and one has to go back)
  • PICTURED – Wall shelves and frames (shelves and frames are up, only one frame has a picture, and I have rearranged everything since taking this picture)
  • PICTURED – Casserole dish and small square plates. The plates are for desserts and small things. We always tend to dirty the big dishes for nothing. I’ve used the casserole to make a pot pie, have yet to use the dishes.
  • PICTURED – Duvet set for the guest bedroom. Finally put it on the bed. It was washed and sitting on the floor for at least a week.
  • PICTURED – A rug for the new office that is supposed to go under the desk so that we don’t scratch the wood floors with the desk chair. It is officially under the desk, but still in the old office. We have yet to move anything up front.
  • New dog bed for Liam. It was a basket that was only $5. We put his blankets and his pillow in it. He has only used it once or twice.
  • Cinnamon roll and hot dog ($1.50 total) that we consumed at the beginning of the trip so that we would have the energy to walk through that store!

More shelves     Shelves and Frames     Kitchen Stuff

Duvet set     Rug


4 thoughts on “IKEA Ideas

  1. I L.O.V.E. IKEA. I hear ya about work…I started back last week bc I am a “NEW” employee. I totally forgot I’d have to go through the torture of “new district employee” training so I can at least be aware of all the guidelines I will choose to ignore for the year. JK…I will be the good girl that I was raised to be…be a good example and all to the kiddos. Rats, having a conscience bites…LOL! It’s a pretty day here today…I’ll be sure to enjoy it given I have a LONG work week ahead of me. Bleeeeeh! Have a great week.

  2. Ikea rocks, however we have not seen the new one. Maybe one day.
    Again, Liam sure knows how to make the room. I’m responding b/c I am @ work and about to go crazy….I have 8.5 hours to go…..I don’t think I am going to make it….. Well, ok, back to reality. The house lloks awesome.

  3. IKEA has many great mirrors. I’ve found it difficult to choose the perfect one! Should I go large or small?

  4. Ah, young and in-love…loves it! ;o)

    Hope all is well. Here’s a random thought…I think I’m buying the I-Phone, especially now that it’s marked down. By-the-by, I love this site…keeps me up-to-date of the comings and goings of the Mitchys. He-he.

    Love y’all,

    Tia S ;o)

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