Cougar Camp & Deodorantless Freshman

Cougar Camp & Deodorantless Freshman

Well, this past week I was involved in Cougar Camp at Crockett High School. It is when we get all the incoming freshman together and sort of give them an orientation. Stuff like info, games, prizes, and all that get to know your classmates & campus crap. Anyhow, it started this past Wednesday and went through Friday. It was great up until Tuesday around noon. By that time, we had been doing a lot of things, working up a sweat. Now having 300 Freshman in a small cafeteria in the middle of summer seems okay, and I am sure the higher ups in charge of this program did not see a problem w/ it, but then again they were not incharge of a group of these freshmen. I can only describe the air in the cafeteria of Crockett HS at that moment as probably being the worst smell I have ever encountered, and I have smelled many bad things. It was a pungent mix of adolescent, pubescent, and in some cases pre-pubescent stank. I would be willing to bet that maybe 10 % of the freshman were wearing any deodarant at all. The other 90 % were wearing teenage stench mixed with straight up ass. It was horrible I say. The fortunate thing was that by Friday, I was used to it. School starts for the students on the 27th and I am going to make it my mission to educate the young minds of America about Old Spice, Degree, or any deodarant of their choice. Hell they can even roll up into my classroom wearing Axe.

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