My not so MVP performance.

My not so MVP performance.

As most of you know, I played in a dodgeball league. My team is made up of Austin ISD teachers, and most of them suck. Anyway, I am the star player, or so I like to think. To back that up I was named the team MVP for last weeks match. Anyhow, we were the featured matched tonight, and if we won, would raise our record to 3 and 1, which would mean we would only need to win one more game to make the playoffs. But as you read the aforementioned  “most of them suck” then you can probably guess that we lost. Oh well, what can you do. Although we lost, I will treat you to a picture of my team and ask you to guess which one we (Christy and I) call “Scarecrow” If I only had a brain….

 The TEam That Sucks


One thought on “My not so MVP performance.

  1. I think it’s the guy doing the “Rock On!” sign. LOL! Hrmmm, I guess I could go with the literal or surface meaning but I’m going ironic.

    Later y’all. Tia S

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