5 Months Old

Fox turned 5 months old a few weeks ago. It’s crazy to see how time is accelerating; he seems to be changing and growing every day. Fox definitely seems to be developing his own personality. He loves to laugh. He coos and babbles often. It almost seems like he’s telling us about his day. He can roll over and I can tell he wants to crawl. He’s certainly doing a lot of kicking and we often find him in new spots on the floor. Joe says his favorite thing is when he sees Fox first thing in the morning and he smiles a big smile that is just for his daddy. I love his little laugh, it’s so infectious. If Jude dances for Fox, he will be giggling non-stop for the whole performance.

IMG_1018 IMG_1021 IMG_1016


He’s FOUR months old! Wow! Fox is such a happy baby, except when he’s not. Then he lets you know. We love his big eyes that just seem to take in the whole world around him. Jude even does a really hilarious impersonation of Fox.

Fox coos and babbles. He loves to blow raspberries and that drool-y boy tries to put everything he can get his hands on in his mouth, including his own hands. He likes to touch Liam’s fur and for the most part, Liam is tolerant. Oh, and his baby laugh it delightful. Jude really got him worked up one night and it just tickled me to watch the big brother put on a show for the little brother.

Fox just melts my heart. When I hold him his little heads goes right in the nook of my neck. It fits perfect. He loves to sit on his Joe’s lap and relax. We try to keep him from looking at any screens (computer, tv, or iPhones) but he seems to be captivated by the colors and movements when Jude is playing video games.

I tried to get some good pictures of his 4 month birthday on the 4th of November, however it was a really cold and gray, overcast day. So, this is pretty much a collection of 4 month pictures I took over the course of a week. IMG_0887 IMG_0910 IMG_0914 IMG_0924 IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0938 IMG_0940 IMG_0946 IMG_0950

Fire Department

Jude’s first official Cub Scout field trip was to the fire station. The one we visited is rather new, so it had a lot of cool amenities that impressed the kids, like a media room. We did all the standard stuff like look at equipment and go inside the truck. The thing the kids loved the most was getting to spray the hose. Can you believe it?!? I wanted a turn to try it out myself. The trip was very exciting for Jude and the other scouts.






Jude has decided to join Cub Scouts this year. There first event was a Cub-O-Ree (like a Jamboree) out in Bastrop. The focus was shooting sports (archery, bb guns) which I suspect was initially attracted him to Cub Scouts. So we spent out Saturday under the pines of Bastrop. Jude got to shoot a bb gun first thing that morning and he seemed to really enjoy it. I’ll have to say I was a little nervous, but it was a very controlled situation, and the parents assisted the kids. I couldn’t get a good picture, since the range instructor was very strict and I doubt he was going to let me hang out on his shooting range to take pictures.

IMG_0771 IMG_0776

Jude also got to construct a rocket that was launched with compressed air. It was a family project, actually, with mom and dad duct taping like crazy. His rocket was awesome, but got stuck in a tree, so Jude was really disappointed. We didn’t stay for the whole event, since we had Fox with us, but it was a pretty fun day for what we got to do.

IMG_0779 IMG_0778

Three Months

My baby is three months old! Oh, how I love his little smiles and his soft skin and his adorably chunky everything! He coos and opens his eyes wide, like he is surprised. He loves to lay on his playmat and he is especially drawn to light: sunlight in the window, computer screens, phone screens, and flashy light baby toys.

Fox and Liam seem to have their own thing going on. Liam has to constantly be in contact with the baby. Fox loves to lie in Jude’s bed and listen to books. He kicks his little legs in excitement when I talk to him and make faces. This boy has spent plenty of time on his daddy’s leg working on projects, he should probably get an honorary Master’s in Educational Administration.

Fox hates his car seat but reasonably enjoys the stroller. He’ll hang out all day in the baby carrier. He hates to have his nails trimmed. He seems to be over the bouncy seat, but will sometimes take a nap in the swing. Mostly, he just wants to be held…all the time. But, I can’t blame him, since I want to hold him nonstop, too.

Fox can hold himself up, but he hasn’t rolled over. He’s not intentionally mobile, but he wiggles so much that I often find him in new positions. his grip is getting much better. If I don’t watch out for what is next to him, I’ve found him a blanket or boppy that he has pulled over his own head. The best is when he grabs a little bit of my neck when he is lying next to me or nursing; his little baby caress.


IMG_3364     IMG_0780







Little Rebel

I am making a collection of these pictures to show Fox when he is a grown-up. I think he might get a kick out of them. Can you guess the unifying theme? I promise I am not posing him, these all occur naturally.

(Hint: Some would call it the “one finger salute.”)




First Grade

Jude started 1st grade this year. It was so neat to see how confident he felt and how excited he was to return to school. Joe was disappointed that he wasn’t able to take Jude to his class on the first day of school, so Fox and I made sure to document everything. Jude felt a little nervous when we got to the classroom, but we went to visit his Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Gallagher, who gave him just the boost he needed.



Check out the big boy backpack!

IMG_0718 IMG_3260

Posing with his brother



The walk to school.


One more picture with Fox.


Getting settled at his desk for morning work. He was starting to feel a little sad having that Fox and I were going to leave.


At the end of the day, he reported that he really liked 1st grade.


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